Jesus wants to comfort and be close to the people who have endured abuse. He wants us to partner with Him to provide His hope in their most crucial time of need. You can be a part of this important mission. 


Women Of Worth Ministries focuses on the restoration of at risk and vulnerable women. We provide Hope Kits to hospitals free of charge in the form of a box containing a brand new set of clothing, flip flops, body wash, toiletries and an encouraging note in the form of Scripture. These are boxes are made available to women and children that are victims of rape, sexual assault and molestation that are admitted to the hospital and in situations when their clothing has been requisitioned and processed as evidence. Often times these victims of violence leave the hospital in a paper gown and hospital socks, causing emotional distress for a second time. 


Hope bags are gift bags with high quality shower gel, shampoo, and assorted health and beauty items meant to encourage and bless women who are at risk for human trafficking. These individuals would include those in need in homeless shelters and in strip clubs.


Thank you for helping to bring comfort, healing, and restoration to exploited, abused, and neglected young girls and women.


We are a 501(c)(3) tax-deductible charitable organization.


We have prepared a list of essential items that go in each Hope Kit. See below what is included in each box and what your donation will help provide.