Friday November 11 2016

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Ammunition Band

(North Rt. 251 by Lake Mendota)

​Inspired:  A Biblical Art Show


Protecting, Equipping and Strengthening Women


Pastor Yong Brierly from Lostant, IL

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Crossroads Coffee House is a non-denominational Christian coffee house providing fellowship, music, and beverages in a safe, relaxing environment.


Friday June 24 2016

The Offering Band


The Offering Band

​​Contemporary Christian/Worship​

Rumple T. Bailey

Worship/ Contemporary Christian

The Ammunition Band

White Horse

Mendota Civic Center

Random Acts 29

"Nefarious" documentary screening

​Community Prayer

Friday October 28 2016

Some past events...

My Psalter

Tania Nicholson

Friday September 16 2016

with Renee Wentz

Master's Clay Quartet

​​​House of Prayer

Bonnie Kae Lentz of Jesus House

FBC Praise Band

Soldiers of the Cross

​Women's Self Defense Clinic

 ​​Women's Self-Defense Clinic

with Renee Wentz

Protecting, Equipping and Strengthening Women

Saturday, July 23 at the Mendota Civic Center

Topics will include:

  •   What is self-defense?
  •   How the body reacts to a stressful encounter
  •   Setting Boundaries
  •   Defense Against Weapons
  •   How to Fight,  How To Escape
  •   Dating Violence, Campus Violence

Offering 2 Clinics:   Women's Class 9:00am-11:30am 

Students/Young Women's Class  1:00pm-3:30pm

Cost:  $20.00 per person registration/donation

Space is limited---register early:

Please use form on right >>>

or by phone, call 815-420-5399

Soul Shine

1901 Tom Merwin Drive 

Mendota, IL

Tania Nicolson

Up next-

Women's Self-Defense Clinic​


Mercy Smith

Facing Babylon

is a prayer room made available to those seeking God in prayer for ourselves,
our families, our community
and our world.
 Prayer counselors and intercessors
are available when coffee house
 doors are open.

 rescheduled to 2017

Acts 29 Outreach

Saturday July 23 2016

Dean Braxton

Crossroads Coffee House & Crossroads House of Prayer

212 (degrees)